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What Does Lamb Taste Like And How It Is Healthy For You?

what does lamb taste like
What does lamb taste like

Lamb meat is a mystery for many. Those who have eaten lamb meat are crazy about it, but those who haven’t are still curious about its taste.

Coincidentally, we are going to discuss this very question, i.e., what does lamb taste like? Is it like chicken, pork or beef, or does lamb has its own unique taste, this is what we are going to find out in this post. 

Let me start by asking you that ‘are you a foodie? Do you like eating meat? Are you interested in eating any meat that is offered to you? Are you looking to try a healthier alternative to beef?

Are you planning to introduce a new type of meat in your diet? Well, if your answer to any of the above-asked questions is ‘YES’, then I would suggest you have lamb meat.

Why Should You Try Lamb Meat?

If you are bored with chicken dishes and don’t want to try beef because of its high-fat content, then lamb would be the perfect option for you. Lamb meat is not just a delicious meat, but it is one of the healthiest meat as well.

Lamb meat includes all the nutritional value that you would get from a red meat such as high quantity of iron and protein, but there are some other benefits as well that you would get from lamb heat, which you probably haven’t heard of like;

1. Lowering risk of cancer: The presence of vitamin B, iron, choline and selenium in the lamb meat will help prevent the growth of cancer cells in your body.

If you have already been detected with cancer, then having lamb meat will ensure that cancer cells don’t spread beyond the area that has already damaged.

Besides cancer, the lamb meat is also effective in fighting inflammation as it contains a high amount of conjugated linoleic acid.

2. Prevent or cure Anaemia: The deficiency of iron in the body is referred to as Anaemia. Since lamb meat contains a high quantity of iron, so having this meat will cure this ‘anemia’ problem.

If you don’t have this problem, then you will never get it if you add lamb meat in your diet. Pregnant women who are anemic should definitely take lamb meat, otherwise, there are chances that their offsprings will also born with the same problem.

3. Reduce the risk of a heart stroke: A heart stroke is as common as a heart attack, so the chances of getting a heart stroke can be reduced by having red meat. Just make sure that it is consumed in moderation.

Excess of anything is bad and red meat is no exception. Why lamb meat helps reduce the chances of a heart stroke is simply because of the high potassium content.

The quantity of sodium reduces in the body, therefore the chances of a heart stroke also get reduced. The problem of kidney stones will also be fixed with the intake of lamb meat.

4. Boosting bone health: Lamb meat is acquired from lamb, which is a young animal. So, the calcium content in the meat would be very high.

This is what is going to improve your bone density and health. If you are also not that old, then lamb meat is definitely going to provide that extra toughness to your bones.

What does lamb taste like

What Does Lamb Taste Like?

Now, the big question appears again that what does lamb taste like. We have covered the health-related aspects of lamb meat, but do you want to eat a meat that tastes like rubber, no matter how beneficial it is for your health.

I’m sure your answer will be ‘No’, and it should be rightfully so because a meat has to taste well, otherwise there is no point in eating it. Fortunately, lamb meat tastes not just good, but great.

If you haven’t had a chance to eat lamb meat, then let us help you in knowing the actual taste of this meat.

Lamb, as we all know comes from young sheep that are 6 months to one year of age. This gives a meat that has an unmatched texture.

It will be firmer than chicken, but not as firmer as beef. The flavor of the lamb meat will be stronger and long-lasting.

Unlike most people description for lamb meat, I will not write the word ‘gamy’ because that’s not what lamb meat really taste like.

Lamb meat is full of flavor and juices. You can notice the strong flavor coming out of lamb meat when it is being prepared.

You will totally get indulged into lamb meat because of the pleasant flavor amalgamated with the softness and juiciness of the meat.

What Can Affect The Flavor Of Lamb Meat?

In my opinion, there are two things that can change the flavor of lamb meat.

1. How the lamb was raised: The lamb who is grass-fed is going to taste a lot different than the one who was fed with grain. In different parts of the world, lambs are fed differently, and this can change the taste of the meat.

2. The cooking style: How a lamb has been prepared is going to have a noticeable effect on the way it tastes. By preparation, I mean the method, not the ingredients.

A lamb that has been prepared on a grill is going to taste different than the lamb that was cooked in the oven or pan.

A lamb that is slow cooked is going to have a milder flavor with juicier texture, whereas a roasted lamb will have a stronger flavor and will also be chewy.


Lamb meat is a delicious, juicy and healthy meat, and you should definitely try it. It is just the matter of trying this meat once because then, you will be seen eating this meat all the time. Lamb meat becomes even more delicious with mint, rosemary and other herbs that are known for their strong flavors. So, you can try using different herbs to extract the best flavor out of the lamb meat.

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What Does Rhubarb Tastes Like And How To Eat It

Rhubarb isn’t one of the more popular items in the produce section, which probably means you are curious about it. If you haven’t tried rhubarb, you may have a million questions about it, which we seek to answer for you. So, what does rhubarb taste like? How can you utilize it in your kitchen?

What is Rhubarb?

Rhubarb has a bit of a complicated history. While it is technically a vegetable, rhubarb was legally made a fruit in the 1940s to save on import taxes and because it typically treated like a fruit.

Rhubarb looks like rosy-colored celery. While rhubarb is typically pink, it can also be a pale green, but the color doesn’t indicate its level or ripeness (Huffington Post).

While rhubarb stalks are very obviously edible, the leaves of this plant are very dangerous. These poisonous leaves contain oxalic acid and anthraquinone glycosides, which can lead to a number of different symptoms. These symptoms include seizures, stomach pain, diarrhea, eye pain, kidney failure and coma. Death is possible, but rare (Medline Plus).

What Does Rhubarb Taste Like?

Now for the important stuff: what does rhubarb taste like? Rhubarb has a very tart taste. Raw rhubarb is so tart that most people won’t eat it in that state. Think sour green apples, and you will get a good idea of what rhubarb tastes like. Generally, people cook or bake rhubarb and add sugar to make it taste sweeter.

Some people report a refreshing taste that is similar to celery, but it is hard to get past the tart flavor that rhubarb is so known for.

If the food world had best friends, the strawberry would be rhubarb’s best friend. You will find the two paired in the popular strawberry rhubarb pie, but they are also often baked together in other foods (Foods4BetterHealth).

Health Benefits of Rhubarb

This fruit-vegetable hybrid contains a number of different vitamins and minerals that make it a great addition to your diet.

Rhubarb contains vitamins C and K, as well as B-complex vitamins. Dietary fiber, protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium and potassium, as well as lutein and beta-carotene, are all present in rhubarb, which makes it nutrient dense. It also has very few calories, and it is low in fat and cholesterol.

In addition to all these nutrients, rhubarb can help people lose weight, increase skin health and get better circulation. It can also help improve digestion, fuel bone growth and boost metabolism. The best part, however, is that rhubarb helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, as well as a number of different cardiovascular problems (Organic Facts).

How to Eat Rhubarb

Sugar is almost always added to rhubarb during the cooking process to make it a little more palatable. Like previously stated, the most popular way to eat rhubarb is in baked goods. Pies are the most common way rhubarb is prepared, and strawberries are a very common pairing with rhubarb.

One way we recommend trying rhubarb, just so you get a good idea of its natural taste, is to try to raw. Since it is a very tart fruit, you may want to dip it in sugar, honey, maple syrup or agave nectar to add a little sweetness. Trying it raw will allow you to better understand exactly what rhubarb tastes like, but if you don’t like it raw, don’t be afraid to give it another try.

Boiling rhubarb is another way to add sweetness to it. You can add dried fruits or fresh berries to the water to infuse sweetness into the rhubarb without adding a lot of sugar. Boiling rhubarb in fruit juice is another alternative.

Roasted rhubarb is a popular choice, because it is one of the easiest ways to prepare this fruit. Wash your rhubarb and pat it dry. After cutting the stalks into half-inch pieces, place them on a greased pan, sprinkle them with sugar and bake at 375° for 20 to 25 minutes.

Dried rhubarb is another option. You boil rhubarb in water, add sugar and a cinnamon stick and cook until you get an applesauce-like consistency. Pour the rhubarb onto a parchment-lined dehydrating tray and cook at 135° for 9 hours.

Pureed rhubarb can be used in a variety of different beverages. It is commonly added to smoothies, especially berry-based smoothies, and margaritas. You can also add champagne to pureed rhubarb for a new twist on a mimosa.

Sauces are a great way to incorporate rhubarb into your diet. It is easy to make a salsa or chutney that contains rhubarb. Plus, it works for a number of different foods like chicken, duck, pork, trout or turkey. You can also make rhubarb work in a variety of different cuisines (Smithsonian).

In Conclusion

Now that we have answered the question, “what does rhubarb taste like,” we are ready to send you off to try rhubarb for yourself. You may want to consider trying rhubarb a number of different ways to see if you find a way that you enjoy it most.

If you have any further remarks or questions about what rhubarb tastes like, please leave us a comment below.

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Grilled Chicken With Kale Salad And Thermomix Dressing

With autumn season knocking at the door, we can all see new fruits and vegetables available on the market. The recipe that I’m sharing with you involves a vegetable that is freshly available during the autumn season. Let’s delve into the recipe without further ado.

Best electric smokers consumer reports

Nameof the recipe is “Grilled Chicken andKale Salad” and you just need an electric smoker and a blender to get this recipe ready.

Cook Time: 48 Minutes

Servings: 4 Persons


  1. 1 ¼ lbs boned, skinned chicken breasts, halved lengthwise.
  2. 1 tbsp., olive oil.
  3. 10 oz., flat kale.
  4. 1 tsp pepper, divided.
  5. 1 tsp salt, divided.
  6. ¼-cup almonds chopped and toasted.
  7. ¼ cup Medjool dates, pitted and chopped.
  8. 2 apples, small, firm, cored and chopped.


  1. 20 grams of peeled ginger.
  2. ½ loosely packed cup fresh mint leaves only
  3. 4 tbsps., extra virgin olive oil
  4. 5 tbsps., freshly squeezed lemon juice or lime juice
  5. 2 tbsps., fish sauce
  6. 1 pinch pink sea salt flakes or ½ pinch sea salt flakes
  7. 2 tsps., coconut palm sugar
  8. 2 cloves garlic
  9. 1 fresh long red chili, plus extra sliced chili to serve
  10. 1 kaffir lime leaf
  11. 1 lemongrass stalk, white part only


  1. Start with adding all the ingredients into a Thermomix bowl and blend for 20 seconds and speed 8. Keep the mixture aside until chicken gets ready.
  2. Heat your electric smoker to medium-to-high heat.
  3. Brush chicken breasts with 1 tbsp., olive oil and season with ½ tsp., salt, and pepper.
  4. Place the chicken on the grill for 4-5 minutes or until the color changes to dark golden. Flip the chicken one in between.
  5. Transfer the chicken to the plate and then, place Kale on the grill. Keep kale on the grill until its edges are charred and kale becomes softened. It will take around 2 minutes.
  6. You need to chop the chicken breast, cut the kale crosswise into thin slices and add both to a bowl.
  7. Add almonds, apples, and dates into the bowl and toss gently so that all the ingredients mix well.

Drizzle with dressing and serve with limehalves.

Source: Best consumer reports

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How Can Women Boost Their Fertility Naturally?

Fertility for most of us is a natural phenomenon. It is important for men and women to be fertile in order to reproduce. In case, one of the partners have fertility problems, then they can’t plan babies unless they get the help from the right doctor. Women deal with fertility problems more than men, as women reproductive system is more complex than men’s.

But, if a woman is not fertile, then that doesn’t mean the end of the world for her and her beau. There are fertility treatments that she can undergo in order to conceive. I would like to mention an important fact about the fertility treatments that they are not complicated and tiresome on most occasions. If women can couple the treatments with the right type of foods, then they can easily become pregnant.

It is always better to lean onto the natural ways for any medical problem. The food we eat affects our health, therefore, it is important to make certain dietary changes in order to conceive easily.


Here are some important points that as a woman, you must keep in mind to get pregnant:

1. Watch your weight: There is a relation between infertility in bad eating habits, so you need to change your eating habits in order to be able to conceive easily.

2. Foods to improve ovulation: If you are not overweight, even then you need to keep a close at what is going into your mouth. Avoid food that contains large amounts of animal proteins, trans-fats, and carbohydrates because these will definitely cause an ovulatory disorder.

These harmful nutrients will only affect those women with an ovulation problem and not with the infertility problem.

Follow below-mentioned steps to know what you can eat to enhance your fertility.

1. Change your sources for getting protein: If you have a habit of eating chicken, beef, lamb or pork for protein, then you need to stop eating these animals because animal protein is going to dent your chances of becoming a mother. You will have to supplement these with vegetable protein sources, such as nuts, cooked dried beans, cottage cheese, etc. You can roast nuts or shallow fry beans in the red copper pan in case you can’t eat them raw. Cottage cheese can be eaten raw; all you have to do is cut bite-sized pieces of the cheese and sprinkle some salt at the top.

2. Regular intake of vitamins: You need to start taking multivitamins and iron supplements containing folic acid if you want to get rid of ovulation-related infertility.

3. Limit or avoid herbal teas and supplements: Having botanicals in your diet will cause hindrance in the fertility treatment or getting pregnant, so if you can avoid taking herbal tea and supplements, then you can expedite the process of getting better from infertility.

4. Avoid eating fish: Many fish have high mercury content in them, which is not good for you, especially when you are looking to get pregnant.

5. Limit the intake of caffeine: If coffee and tea are a staple of your diet, then you will have to eliminate these from your diet for some time.

6. Drink enough water: Drinking water is not just good for your skin, but for your wish to get pregnant as well. With a sufficient intake of water, the cervical fluid will not become sluggish and the sperm will hit the target egg. These are some of the tips related to what you should eat and avoid to boost your fertility. Follow these points strictly and consult your gynecologist every week to increase your chance of conceiving.

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Seven Ways Of Staying Protected With A Pair Of Slip Resistant Kitchen Shoes

best kitchen shoes

Some people don’t pay much attention towards safety while working in the kitchen. They do take precautions while working with fire or you can say while cooking food. It is understandable that working in a kitchen is different from working in a factory, but there are many hazards that are exclusive to kitchens. From boiling liquids to sharp knives, a number of dangers exist in the kitchen, but you can stay protected from all those by wearing appropriate accessories. One such accessory is the footwear. You can’t wear your favorite high street trainers because those won’t make things easier for you in the kitchen. You need to wear slip resistant work shoes despite the fact that they are not elegant looking shoes because it is not the elegance that matters in the kitchen, but safety from dangers that persist in a kitchen.

Here is how a pair of slip-resistant shoes will help you:

Protection from falling objects

As we all know kitchens are busy workplaces, so any wrong move can land you in huge dangers. Work is carried out at a much faster speed in hotels and restaurants, therefore chances of mishaps are more there. In that kind of fast-paced environments, chances of accidents are most likely to happen. There are all sorts of breakable elements in the kitchen such as plates, bowls, pans and other utensils. Sometimes, while making your way out of the kitchen, there are chances that the waiter may hit a plate or pan, causing it to fall off the shelf. It is needless to write, but a broken plate or pan has many pointed parts, which if come in contact with a person’s foot can cause huge damage. It is only a proper pair of kitchen shoes that could provide protection against that kind of injuries.

Protection from sharp objects

Every kitchen has a number of sharp knives. Brand and size of knives can vary from kitchen to kitchen, but yes, sharp knives are always going to be there in the kitchens. But, these sharp knives can put a person into an undesirable situation as well. If you are in the way of a falling sharp knife can cause huge damages. If your kitchen shoes come with toe protection as well, then chances of getting a foot injury become nil.  

Offers breathability

Kitchens remain hot for obvious reasons. If you ever go to a restaurant’s or hotel’s kitchen, then you will find that things are even hotter than home kitchens. Wearing right clothes in the kitchen is good, but not good enough. It is important to have a right pair of shoes as well. If you are able to find a pair of high-quality leather shoes, then your feet will get extra breathability. Working for long hours will make your feet sweaty and it is not going to be a pleasant experience. So, wear those shoes that are breathable.

Water resistance

Cooking without water is not possible, and this could result in water spillage. The kitchen usually is not a spacious room, so it is common to see people banging their feet on the water that is spilled on the floor, resulting in a puddle. If you are wearing wet shoes, then you will have to move around with those wet shoes, which is uncomfortable. So, buy a waterproof or water-resistant kitchen shoes.

Back support

If standing for long hours causes a backache to you, then wearing a pair of kitchen shoes can help reduce that backache problem because kitchen shoes are made to reduce stress on the spinal cord.

Protects feet from burns

If you are working in a kitchen, then you have to deal with burns and scalds. Kitchen shoes with burn protection layer will protect you from any burn injuries.  

Reduces slips and falls

Slip and fall injuries are quite common when working in the kitchen because floors remain wet and greasy all the time. When people try to speed up things in the kitchen, they lose their balance, hence suffering from slip and fall injuries. So, you need to wear those kitchen shoes that provide your feet with a good grip.

Bottom Line:

Find a pair of kitchen shoes that can provide a complete protection to your feet. Moreover, the shoes need to be light and comfortable as well because you will stand for most of the time in the kitchen.

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