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Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System Consumer Reports

Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

It’s not safe outside, which is why we all prefer to stay at home during night time because we are not much sure about our safety when the sun goes dark. Even at homes, we hear movements in the middle of the night, as if someone is trying to break into the house. When it comes to safeguarding your house and family members, the more you do, the better it is.

While there are many things you can do to beef up the security of your house, but I would really suggest you install the best outdoor home security camera system as per consumer reports. This will allow you to monitor what’s happening outside your house and take the necessary action.

Now, you will be interested in knowing as to which security camera is ideal for your house, then don’t think too much about it as I have made things easier for you by laying down reviews of the five best outdoor security cameras for homes.

Go through the reviews and select the aptest device according to your home.

Top 5 Best Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System Reviews

Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

What’s the main issue with outdoor security cameras? Finding a wall power outlet to power up the camera.

Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This security camera operates with rechargeable batteries, so you can install this security camera at a place of your choosy.

With no cables and wires to plug into the device, installation becomes a whole lot easier and you can install the camera in places where it is hard to detect it.

When it comes to features, this security camera has no shortage of it. You’ll get sound detection, advanced motion sensing mechanism for accurate monitoring of the specific area.

The video recordings can be stored in a local backup storage, so there is no need to get into the complications of cloud storage. Moreover, Arlo Pro 2 makes use of a central hub to connect multiple cameras together.

Now, let’s discuss drawbacks of the device, which are; high price. You will have to shell out a high price to buy this security camera.

If you choose to add the camera with a central hub, then you will have to shell out even more. So, if you are fine with paying some extra money for better safety features, then this is definitely a product for you.

Amcrest 2K 3MP ProHD

Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

Many companies are boasting 1080p video recording in their security cameras, and I’m sure it is a feature that will get anybody excited.

But, what if I present a security camera that records footages at more than 1080p? Well, Amcrest 2K 3MP ProHD is recording the video at the highest quality, i.e., 1296p.

You can easily identify the number on the license plate, facial features and other notable things. The clarity in images doesn’t deteriorate during night time as well.

You can identify anything and everything within the 98 feet radius. If you want to buy this security camera, then you can under $100.

The only drawback of this device is its narrow field of view, i.e., 100 degrees. So, it will not be able to cover a large area. Moreover, this camera is fixed, so you won’t get any range of motion.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

A simple looking device, but when it comes to features, it is a beast. The camera comes with a magnetic mounting bracket, which holds the camera perfectly.

You can swivel and adjust the camera with your hand. You will also get a weatherproof power cord with this model, but make sure to be within 25 feet of the outdoor power outlet.

You can connect the device with Nest app, which you can install on your smartphone. Controlling the device becomes a whole lot easier with this app.

Just like all other security cameras, this one too has one. Although it is an optional feature, if you choose to subscribe to Nest Aware, then I’m afraid I will have to warn you that it is not worth it. If you find it helpful, then you can keep using it.

Ring Floodlight Cam

Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

A security camera with a floodlight, that’s a combination that most users would be looking to see in their outdoor security systems.

Ring, as we all know, is a popular video doorbell manufacturing company, but the product we are discussing here is different.

The camera records footage of outside movements at 1080p HD quality, which you can see on your smartphone after installing Ring app. Whereas the floodlights incorporate two 1500-lumen bulbs spreading light in 270 degrees.

The ‘Ring’ app is a great addition to the product as it not only allows users to check the live video feed, but it allows empowers them to pan with the camera, zoom on a specific thing, activate the siren (110-decibel) and flash the floodlights.

The unit has a few drawbacks as well. Not everyone will like flashlights incorporated into the security system, as it may irk their eyes at times. Moreover, it is not possible to record videos unless you subscribe to Ring’s Cloud Storage.

TriVision Outdoor Home Security Camera System

Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

This is another great outdoor security camera system, which by no means is inferior to any other top security cameras.

It is basically a ‘set and forget’ kind of a camera because it is wireless and waterproof. The device can be controlled with a dedicated app, which you can install on your smartphone.

All the activities taking place outside of your house can be monitored easily through the app. The videos are captured in 1080p HD quality, thus allowing facial detection and identification of other minute details quite easily, but within 15 to 45 feet.

To watch the recordings, you get a built-in microSD DVR, which you can expand to 128 GB. The picture quality remains impeccable during the day as well as night, courtesy of multi-zone motion sensor with infrared night vision.

The unit begins recording as soon as it detects the motion, and if you want, you can program the device to send you alerts in your email inbox.

Types of Outdoor Home Security Camera System

There are basically two types of outdoor home security camera system available in wireless mode.

Those are; CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and IP cameras (IP stands for Internet Protocol). The names are given according to the method by which the video signal is transmitted and how it is encoded.

The video feeds from IP camera are accessed on the URL of the camera using the internet bandwidth.

When you want to connect a few wireless cameras at a time, then this system is perfect. The conversion of the video signals is done, i.e., analog video signals are converted into digital signals, which are easier to compress.

The compressed signals help in the consumption of wireless signals and memory storage. Moreover, the price of analog cameras is lesser than IP cameras.

There is no doubt that outdoor wireless camera is extremely helpful in identifying the intruders and avoiding any catastrophic event.

However, the whole functionality is based on internet signals, so if the internet goes down, then the camera stops functioning.

So, it all boils down to the requirements of the users as to what they want to achieve with the camera. That’s how they can choose the right type of camera.

Features To Look In A Outdoor Home Security Camera System

Footage Range

You need to check the range a security camera covers before buying. If the camera covers a wide range of area, then that’s a positive sign regarding its efficiency.


The video that is recorded by a security camera should be high quality, i.e., 720p at least or else, it won’t be possible to identify the object meant for identification.

Facial Recognition Range

You should check whether you are able to recognize the face of the person in doubt for an intruder or not. If the camera is not capable of doing so, then there is no use of having a security camera.

Night Vision Range

Most incidents happen during night time, so a security camera must have an excellent night vision range to monitor the focused area in the dark. That can be made possible by infrared LEDs.

Motion Sensor

A camera should have a motion sensor, which will detect any movement that takes place within the operating radius of the camera.

Remote Control & App

An outdoor home security camera system is placed anywhere outside the house, so it is not possible to go change the settings of the camera system every time, so the role of a remote control becomes essential.

Most wireless surveillance systems come with an app that helps users control and adjust the settings of the unit. These things are important because it makes the life of users a lot easier.

Memory Storage

A camera that has an option to insert a microSD card is always beneficial because then, you don’t have to hook up your system with a cloud storage or anything of that sort.

Intercom With In-Built Microphones

If it is possible to screen the visitors using an intercom, then that’ll be great. A security camera having an intercom with microphones is going to enhance the security layer.


The safety in your house totally depends upon how safe the environment is on the outside. In order to safeguard your entire premise, you need to install the best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports.

Doing that will help you get prepared for any adverse situation coming your way. You will have time to act upon the situation and prevent anything bad from happening.  So, choose the right surveillance system for your house to ensure a comprehensive protective layer on your family.

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