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Seven Ways Of Staying Protected With A Pair Of Slip Resistant Kitchen Shoes

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Some people don’t pay much attention towards safety while working in the kitchen. They do take precautions while working with fire or you can say while cooking food. It is understandable that working in a kitchen is different from working in a factory, but there are many hazards that are exclusive to kitchens. From boiling liquids to sharp knives, a number of dangers exist in the kitchen, but you can stay protected from all those by wearing appropriate accessories. One such accessory is the footwear. You can’t wear your favorite high street trainers because those won’t make things easier for you in the kitchen. You need to wear slip resistant work shoes despite the fact that they are not elegant looking shoes because it is not the elegance that matters in the kitchen, but safety from dangers that persist in a kitchen.

Here is how a pair of slip-resistant shoes will help you:

Protection from falling objects

As we all know kitchens are busy workplaces, so any wrong move can land you in huge dangers. Work is carried out at a much faster speed in hotels and restaurants, therefore chances of mishaps are more there. In that kind of fast-paced environments, chances of accidents are most likely to happen. There are all sorts of breakable elements in the kitchen such as plates, bowls, pans and other utensils. Sometimes, while making your way out of the kitchen, there are chances that the waiter may hit a plate or pan, causing it to fall off the shelf. It is needless to write, but a broken plate or pan has many pointed parts, which if come in contact with a person’s foot can cause huge damage. It is only a proper pair of kitchen shoes that could provide protection against that kind of injuries.

Protection from sharp objects

Every kitchen has a number of sharp knives. Brand and size of knives can vary from kitchen to kitchen, but yes, sharp knives are always going to be there in the kitchens. But, these sharp knives can put a person into an undesirable situation as well. If you are in the way of a falling sharp knife can cause huge damages. If your kitchen shoes come with toe protection as well, then chances of getting a foot injury become nil.  

Offers breathability

Kitchens remain hot for obvious reasons. If you ever go to a restaurant’s or hotel’s kitchen, then you will find that things are even hotter than home kitchens. Wearing right clothes in the kitchen is good, but not good enough. It is important to have a right pair of shoes as well. If you are able to find a pair of high-quality leather shoes, then your feet will get extra breathability. Working for long hours will make your feet sweaty and it is not going to be a pleasant experience. So, wear those shoes that are breathable.

Water resistance

Cooking without water is not possible, and this could result in water spillage. The kitchen usually is not a spacious room, so it is common to see people banging their feet on the water that is spilled on the floor, resulting in a puddle. If you are wearing wet shoes, then you will have to move around with those wet shoes, which is uncomfortable. So, buy a waterproof or water-resistant kitchen shoes.

Back support

If standing for long hours causes a backache to you, then wearing a pair of kitchen shoes can help reduce that backache problem because kitchen shoes are made to reduce stress on the spinal cord.

Protects feet from burns

If you are working in a kitchen, then you have to deal with burns and scalds. Kitchen shoes with burn protection layer will protect you from any burn injuries.  

Reduces slips and falls

Slip and fall injuries are quite common when working in the kitchen because floors remain wet and greasy all the time. When people try to speed up things in the kitchen, they lose their balance, hence suffering from slip and fall injuries. So, you need to wear those kitchen shoes that provide your feet with a good grip.

Bottom Line:

Find a pair of kitchen shoes that can provide a complete protection to your feet. Moreover, the shoes need to be light and comfortable as well because you will stand for most of the time in the kitchen.

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